Lexington KY Workers’ Compensation Law

Lexington KYIn a time of ever-changing technology and electronic communication, Hassman & Fitzhugh prides itself on staying up-to-date on the latest developments while maintaining its dedication to high-quality, personal client service. Due to the small size of our firm, when clients have questions or wish to discuss a claim, they are assured that they will be able to communicate with the primary attorney on the case, if at all possible. If an attorney is out of the office or unavailable for any reason, our files are maintained in such a way that our other attorneys or office personnel are able to quickly answer questions concerning the status of a claim. In cases where witnesses, supervisors or other client representatives are integral to a defense, we make it a priority to schedule an in-person meeting, both to establish confidence in our representation and facilitate a good working rapport.

Hard work, attention to detail and preparation are the cornerstones of our success as a firm. Throughout the duration of a claim, we believe it is our job to ensure that our clients are always advised of all potential outcomes and the most cost-effective means of defense. In the area of workers’ compensation defense especially, our firm is cognizant of the balance between minimizing exposure when a workplace injury occurs, and ensuring employers maintain the highest reputation for safe working conditions and fair negotiation of compensable claims.

Hassman & Fitzhugh, PLLC currently represents some of Kentucky’s largest workers’ compensation insurers and self-insurers. Hassman & Fitzhugh is proud to provide the following references from representative clients:

  1. Kentucky Employers’ Mutual Insurance Company;
  2. Alliance Coal, LLC; and
  3. Motorists Mutual Insurance Company;

Hassman & Fitzhugh separates itself from other workers’ compensation firms in the following key respects:

  1. Practice solely focused on defense of employers and businesses;
  2. Extensive experience in both workers’ compensation defense and civil litigation defense, which provides unique ability to represent employers in cases where the two areas of law intersect;
  3. Emphasis on representing clients in the most cost-effective manner, to avoid unnecessary fees and expenses;
  4. Small firm size ensures clients always have access to, and work directly with, the lead attorney defending a claim; and
  5. Ongoing focus on development of positive working relationships with ALJs and other practitioners, to facilitate best possible outcome for clients.